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What A Patron Update! Lots of minis, a big new battlemap!

(Spoiler Alert! If you are one of my players... sorry... NOT ALLOWED!)

Tomb of Annihilation

This has my biggest update of stuff. A huge swamp marsh map perfect to place the Heart of Ubtao over!

Lots of new beasties! Even the Froghemeth eye stalk! So you can 'gradually' make it appear from its dark swampy depths!

I'm making my Aldani fight, cuz who doesn't want a good crabby fight!?

The Flail Snails, for me, gather up gems to make their shell have that blinding magic attack and encrust them and stones into their tendrils for that perfect battering attack.

I had to make some girallion zombies, even though, I just had a series of jungle hex crawl encounters with them. (Had to use the plain girallion token for it... sad!) But here they are! More must be coming through the undead jungles!

Rime of the Frostmaiden

The Chardalyn Sled is merely a prop, but used to enhance the setting. I had the different goblin and berserker locations done as Chardalyn mining operations, enslaving the poor townsfolk of Ten Towns!

Had to do some Ice Trolls! More trolls? Why yes!

And I just had to do more Yetis... I don't even know why. But here they are!


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