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The Goblin Fortress PDF is now available for patrons!

I've started Patron Gold in appreciation to the patrons who've supported me 5 months or more! You have full access to the Goblin Fortress! To all printable minis, token minis, digital maps, and score!

To all patrons, you have access to the Goblin Fortress pdf! Plenty of creatures and ideas in there! And if you make it to 5 payments let me know! I'll let YOU know if I remember and add you to the full access!

Can you find it? No link provided in this blog! Have fun searching!

In other news:

Finished all maps to my next awesome kickstarter Conquest of the Evermire! Way more maps! Phew! Fleshing out pdf now! More minis coming too! I'll put some on here for patrons.

Then my Dark Ages Christendom... Fight For The Lord RPG is Coming Soon! I plan on making the game free to all members!!! Including first 2 missions. After that I'll post more missions and ideas on the Patron level. I'll be requesting playtesters from all members soon.


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