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Summer Update for StorytellingRon

I've spent a lot of time working on For the Lord RPG and thought it would make a great fun low budget talk & game show for up and coming Christian streaming services. So much so that I gathered actors, did some shows and took it all the way to the National Religious Broadcasters convention in Orlando Florida. While I enjoyed the convention, pitched oodles and was well protected, I did not get any takers. Many understood what I was doing and that it was a mission field to go up against Dungeons and Dragons and the RPG culture but did not see it as a fit for them. Well... I guess God wants me humble.

After two conventions, flying out to a son in law's college graduation and my daughter's wedding... I got a severe reaction to the carnivore diet I was on. My body got worse and worse and I ended up in the ER on morphine, crippled with severe gout inflammation in six joints!!! This took me out for 5 weeks! Supposedly the carnivore diet was supposed to clear it up??? Nope! Once I ended the carnivore diet and went back to a 'normal' yet healthy diet I began to heal! Wow, what a crazy freaky experience! I made some youtube videos on it on my youtube channel if you care to go down that rabbit hole.

Suffix it to say... I am recovering well and today spent a decent brainy time editing and organizing the soon to be released For the Lord RPG Christians In Space!!! I hope to get some fun online youtube RPG games going of all three settings, the Dark Ages, the Apostle of the Apoc and Christians In Space!!! I do plan on doing a Kickstarter soon, for the apocalypse setting, to do a print run. I plan on keeping things simple and fun nowadays and just enjoy the process.

I am also going to start up my Alfred series again! First I want to do audio books of the first 5 volumes, hoping to do a few chapters each morning. I finally got an awesome mic and my daughter is married and out of my home office! Then begin writing on volume 6, Alfred & the Gathering Storms!

You can follow me on Instagram where I try to post fun stuff. My youtube is me ranting on culture and politics and tutorials and promos of For the Lord RPG. Twitter is mostly Christian and political tweets. My discord is a small group of us and I try to keep that focused on the role-playing games.

Anyway that's all! Hope you have a blessed summer!


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