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STAR WARS RPG looking for players!

To All Patrons and Members!

Thanks for hanging out on my site! I'm looking for a few players to join in a Star Wars online youtube roleplaying game campaign! Are you into Star Wars? The cool Mandolorian and Book of Boba Fett style adventure? Well look no further!

I'm starting a weekend campaign. We'll schedule a 3 hour time slot on Saturdays or Sunday afternoons based on everyone's availability week to week. Planning on a gritty, dirty, scraping-the-bottom type beginnings! And see how far you all can make it!

Will be using Zoom, Foundry VTT... you won't need to buy anything. I will provide any info you need. Want family friendly content and language please. Some goofy gore may be described! Just need a webcam, mic, headphones, 2 screens, be fully focused and actively participating! Email me if you're interested!

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