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PHEW!!! Lots of stuff.

To any patrons who are in my games! Don't look any further! Spoiler alerts! ;)

  • For Tomb of Annihilation, look in the free area! I made some Zhentarim enforcers from miniatures I found off the web. Free. I'm using in my Port Nyanzaru intrigue sessions. I found a cool Shield Guardian online and just make a quick token out of it.

  • I may have some cult stuff happening as well, so made a couple of 'noble' cult members in the generic token area (PC & NPCs) for patrons. Did a basic hag as well.

  • Rime of the Frosty... Tomb Tappers! Did my own!

  • Star Wars! Pretty excited about this campaign, just a nice alternative to DnD and fantasy. Trying out a basic map setup for terrains. Desert with some tiles you can plop around. Will do more of these for planet terrains!

  • And my very first ship deckplan! Phew... took my brain awhile to rewire and get this done. Plan on doing more! A Star Destroyer!!??.... SECTION!! Of course...

Some new news! I'm trying to optimize my files by switching from jpgs and pngs to webp files. They look pretty good and work great for maps and tokens. I may leave old ones as is but do webp files from now own. We'll see. I do want to update maps with this since many are over 5MB. The same webp map is under 1MB but still looks pretty good. Plus my audio files need to optimized. So be aware of that and if you are having any VTT lag or connectivity issues with my stuff let me know.


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