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So... I've started a new kickstarter! I didn't mean to! I wasn't going to!

I had actually shelved it to focus on website... but it keeps coming up in my games and I am just compelled!... Okay irked!

It's a Druid Conjure Animal supplement! Yep, one nifty little box set of large 2-sided cards and an insert with some nifty rules on Mounts (especially conjured, flying), extending duration/range, Mob Rules, and nifty special traits of conjured fey animals. (DM's discretion of course!)

I will make this available to all patrons as a pdf!!! And the main thing concerning the kickstarter is offering an actual fun printed box set. I'll still be posting more stuff!!! Itching to make some more maps too! You'll be seeing the animals posted in the Trees & Beasts section as tokens! Printables coming soon. Or upon request!

Work in progress, 2 sided cards! Nifty box! Lil'fold out rules. Room for printable minis!

It's smaller than my previous projects so I should be done with it relatively soon.

Oooh! Next week is Turkey Week!!! Have a Happy Blessed Thanksgiving! Being grateful to God for my life, liberty and pursuits!


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