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New fantasy book serial, Conquest of the Evermire is published.

Conquest of the Evermire is out! It's a fun family friendly action packed short story serial. Great for kids & adults, great for reading to kids, but it does have harrowing action and fighting monsters. No foul language, no gory details, but scary moments... I hope. And tries to describe the fantasy genre. Good moral Good vs Evil stuff too. Heroes are young, trying to be good, dealing with a cast of silly characters and a scary swamp!

Conquest of the Evermire Book 2 is DONE, just waiting on an amazing cover!  Book 3... written! But Alfred 4 is in pipeline to editors. Thrilled to see what they think of next Alfred in the series. I really love the editing process, because I get detailed analysis of what they thought, what emotions or thrills they experienced reading it. Love reviews too. Some are tough but hey, can't please everyone and do want to learn as I go!

Rest assured, amping up Knight of the Dead 4! Working on Evermire Book 4... oh yeah! Grateful to all readers. 


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