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My Christmas time rundown!

  • First, real sorry I keep switching gears!

  • STAR WARS!!! Now relighting my Star Wars fire.... seems every Christmas I get a little Star Warsy! Don't know why? So vamping it up for Foundry VTT, fixing tokens & maps. Will update tokens (better alpha pngs) & minis soon, and get my huge maps & campaign PDF available to all patrons.

  • FOUNDRY VTT... just rolling along, prepping one of the campaigns and a new Star Wars one I want to do.

  • CHRISTIAN RPG, hoping to playtest more with fam over Christmas break. I love it but think I made the pdf too wordy. Want to really edit it down to simplistic how to's. Waiting on a fine art cover!

  • WEBSITE FOCUS... well I dropped the ball on this one... I think the Foundry thing really got me because I was not thrilled with Roll20. It's great for clear, cut, simple... but I'm over the top with maps and minis, original stuff, that I wanted to see it with better lighting and options.

  • COMING SOON VIDEOS: More of my Foundry VTT delving as a beginner, some Star Wars Foundry stuff I'm doing... posting on youtube.

  • I do feel I got lots to upload and organize!

  • Grateful to God that we all are gifted with the ability, desire and joy for storytelling!

So Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!


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