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May Update

Hey folks, hope you are doing well during these tough times. On a lighter note... I am nearly done writing Alfred 5!!! Harrowing! Very exciting.

Yes I am doing lots of fun Dungeons and Dragons stuff, roleplaying games. I play with my family and with locals here in Hollywood. It is my creative hobby outlet that most certainly helps me figure out the building blocks for my own stories.

Was going to be at the CHEA homeschool convention but obviously that was cancelled this year. I do have a D&D youtube channel. My 'advice' videos are all PGish. But the live play through with Hollywood folks, while I would prefer it be PGish with PG13 fantasy violence, they do sometimes blurt a swear word. Usually one per session. I would bleep it but have a hard time finding it! Even as I listen for it in a 3 hour period. Oh well. Anyhoo, fun stuff, busy, blessed, tinkering with new stuff too! Who knows! Onward!


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