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Foundry VTT Online gaming tool anyone?

"Please comment or email me if you use Foundry VTT or want to."

Does anyone here use Foundry VTT? I'm slogging my way through it. And certainly see great potential in using it. It also has a much more affordable price. You just buy the software once! Players can join for free! Wow! It has much more robust visual components and with open source modules a lot of options & upgrades. I'm getting over the 'exacerbated learning hump'... so... heh heh...

I'm pondering focusing my content for Foundry VTT? So you could load my adventure module and have everything set up! Digital maps, lighting, sound, tokens, and monster stats? I could also do tutorials for my patrons too! Do live Q&A or whatever on how to use this.

So I'm pondering making the DM/GM support focused on Foundry... since I do so much digital content I grimace to think of you all having to then put all my stuff in your own online game all on your own?

Please comment or email me if you use Foundry VTT or want to, and would like me to start up some sort of learning group or posts. I'm considering making adventure modules that one can then install to Foundry VTT.

I'm also gearing up for my Christian RPG still! Did a run through with my wife and sisters! Yes! 3 women! With a range of RPG experience and it worked out well. Going through a couple more levels of gameplay tweaks and just formatting the PDF and reducing the wordiness and any superfluous overly designed rules. I want this to feel like D&D, with possibility of depth, but flow much easier. And still give us that grim fighting fun, while feeling like Do Gooders!


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