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February Early Drop!


Even though I was busy training for a medieval armoured tournament, I still managed to doodle some stuff!

And I was victorious in the competition! As in... No injuries, torn ligaments or debilitating old man swellings! Yay!!! VICTORY!!! You can check out the craziness and the ONLY full plate fighter in it (harder to fight in full plate in this style of fighting but I look great!) here at this pre-recorded livestream. HMB USA Nationals 2022, Day 1

Plus this week I'm getting my new helm fitted to my armour! Super excited. Check out my Black Knight page for my armour, but here's the historically accurate helm going with it!

So here is the new stuff scattered about the website!!!

Lastly, I'm on the lookout for any Christians that would like to or have the time to play Star Wars RPG! It isn't that we are preachy or anything, it's more about a family friendly Christian ethics game to promote RPGs amongst Christians. So if anyone out there is available, Wednesdays from 2-5pm Pacific time, on a youtube series, let me know! Onward!



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