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Christian Roleplaying Game... Coming Very Soon!!!

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls! Believers of All Ages!

Things are coming along! I'm recording actual shows now and not just playtesting. I have over a dozen actors in the que and we are making shows that entertain, edify and show how Christians can play a roleplaying game... NOT in a fantasy setting, not in some compromising setting... but in an actual real world amalgam! A game where we play Christians... on mission, encountering pagans and having to respond! There will be action, adventure and the Gospel!

Every Christian actor, producer that I have pitched this to, which feels like a hundred now... I have gotten incredibly positive and supportive responses. I do have a biz partner who is handling the biz end of this.

So please stay tuned. We will strive to go to Christian streaming services for mutual support and have assets like these per adventure one can gain access to. I don't know specifically what the model will be just yet. But I certainly want this to be very accessible while building up Christian streaming platforms.

A flurry of things are happening, so I'm just gonna post some fun pics for yee of game assets.

6th century Dark Ages Italy stuff... The dungeons will be modular, easy to print pieces one can cut out and place on the table, making a limitless amount of tombs, crypts and foreboding ancient places! Watch out for those evil spirits!

There will be a Apocalyptic and Scifi setting! And guess what... I'm a firm believer in the creation account told in the Bible! So no 'aliens'! That's right! Sticking to the Word! However mad atheist geneticist Imperial scientists in the year 4000AD? Why yes please! So the Scifi setting can totally fit into a 'Star Wars' like genre!

Stick with me! Week to week I'm pushing and scheduling and emailing and discording and calling and zooming and recording and typing and banging my head against the proverbial wall and trying to get this all together to release ASAP. Grateful to God! StorytellingRon


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