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Bunch of Star Wars! Plus a temple cult map thang!

Hey Storytellers!

All members!

  • Got some new free member area vehicle tokens. I found a bunch of ole Star Wars toys and made VTT tokens out of them. Using the smaller webp files now. Trying to switch over to this file extension to reduce lag for any connections.


  • Got 2 new doodled vehicles for Star Wars RPG or any scifi RPG.

  • A bunch of Aqualish & Klatooinian thugs! Single and mob groups! Perfect for any Outer Rim town, base, or thuggery skirmishes, ambushes, or battles.

  • Made that cool beast in Book of Boba Fett, on Tattooine! The 4 armed thing. I'm using similar stats as the Gundarks... with little different abilities.

  • For Tomb of Annihilation I got 2 doodled out floors for the Temple of Sune in Port Nyanzaru! Red velvet top floor and the dark crimson sacrificial occult lower floor! I used them as tiles over the Temple of Sune map provided, which is a cut out from the original work. You can see it in action in the youtube series. Ch 38-39!

So I added everyone to a group messaging thing which is probably a mistake (probably delete). I don't want to send you all email after email. I'll figure out some sort of messaging on my website frontpage that doesn't ping you for all my posts... but is easy for you to see... just to let you know what I'm up to between blogs... if need be. I've got many pots in the fire and just trying to go through and get them all organized on my website. Something my brain doesn't naturally do.

I will be at CHEA or California Homeschool Education Association, a Christian homeschool convention in Anaheim CA this May... posing in my suit of armor and selling my Alfred book series.




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