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Hello Story Tellers!

Big changes are coming to the website! I'm removing the Patron firewall. I'm not focused on that and don't feel it's where I want to go. So thank you to all patrons! And I will make my Goblin Fortress and Conquest of the Evermire successful kickstarters available to my patrons to download for the next month or so. But all the rest will be available to members. Most of it is Dungeons and Dragons 5E and Star Wars RPG... while I thoroughly enjoyed these... I feel the properties are moving away from my beliefs and morals, or rather they're not even staying neutral... so frankly I'm just not interested in them any longer. Ergo!!!... Another big change... I am changing this site to support my Christian RPG game series. That's right... I see the sorting going on in the RPG world... and I've decided to go ahead and step in the direction I want to go. So this site will pretty much be building a Christian roleplaying game series.

It also includes polished shows with actors and a higher production value. I am gathering actors and comedians to play the games and promote a Christian RPG for Christian families and dudes and dudettes. It's a whole new fun territory I'm exploring and some new fellowships! I'm looking to find a streaming service for this series and much more to come.

So I completely understand anyone that unsubscribes etc... since I'm making such a big change here. But to all who leave, thank you for checking this out, for all who remain, Christian or not, welcome! I've got a ton of stuff coming.

Here's just a goofy list of stuff: Christian RPG game, free basic pdf, Dark Ages 6th century setting Tokens of Missionaries, bandits, pagan cult members, villagers, creatures, mythical stuff....??... Modular, easy to print, table props, maps... for forests, villages, farms, caves, crypts, etc... Christians in Space!!! RPG!!!! That's right! Fits with Creation Science! 6000AD! But feels just like Star Wars!!! Hah hah! Wait and see! Building up the game and token assets right now! Playtesting coming up! Christian post apocalyptic mutant gamma savage world? OH YEAH! And much, much more! So.. my new signature:

For the Lord RPG!!! StoryTellingRon


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