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Almost Done With M'Kickstarter "Conquest of the Evermire"

Spending a lot of time with this but days away from being finished. Once I'm done, I'll have more time for patron and member content for the website. I really enjoy putting stuff up there. Phew!!!!!! Big epic sandbox thing. I will also figure out how to put this up on my website for sale somehow, but reward patrons too! I might do smaller pdf versions of this stuff and more for patrons. Also Coming Soon!!! My Dark Ages Missionary RPG! A Fight for the Lord kind of fun heroic thing that is a mix of early church dark ages, Brothers Grimm, old folklore and fantasy, and an amalgam of all the crazy post Roman barbarian ancient history stuff! Minis and easy B&W printable maps as well! It's a streamlined D20 game system! There will be a clarion call for playtesters to patrons and members soon!


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