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My new series, Knight of the Dead

I have not told anyone about this new series YET! Till now! It is a Modern Christian Horror! It's about a dad, who does medieval armoured combat, in Hollywood, during a zombie apocalypse! It's as realistic as I can write... well... during a zombie apocalypse! And the dad, isn't a preachy Christian, he's just an aggro dude, dad, fighting in his souped up sports hobby armour, able to hack some zombie buttocks! And yes, to make it through the harrowing hordes, he must sometimes spout the Lord's Prayer or the Lord is my Shepherd!

The setting is Los Angeles! The locations semi-real, the zombies and end times... even MORE.... REALER!!! (not grammatical, but oh so dramatical!) It's also, most definitely Rated R, but I don't mind 13 and up reading it. However, that's totally the parents call! Which I would not want to debate! It has, obviously, no holds bar violent gory action! And some really bad humans even! And depictions of adult themes, including marital uh... intimacy... but not detailed! In passing, in understanding... of a husband and wife in a horrific situation need ...uh... intimacy. But more about the emotions! I do not write exxy scenes! Yuck! And there is the cause of saving one's own family, one's daughters and wife! Of love for family and talk of God and what the heck-ah-doodles is going on! This will be coming out soon!!! It is in the final proof reading stages and I gotta figure out how I should sell or market this... without confusing readers and kids who love my Alfred Boy King series.

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