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Working on Website and New Christian RPG!

For Patrons:

  • Added lots of new tokens to the PCs & NPCs token section.

  • 2 New maps Ravine & Ruins jungle map and a goofy map of MBala where Nanny Pupu resides.

For Members:

  • Added Ravine & Ruins jungle map to the map sampler!

  • I feel like I need to give free members more interesting stuff too... so look for new fun stuff on member page soon!

My Christian RPG, OSR... old school revival is coming along. I got 2 core DMs looking it over now to help me out. Here's the cover sketch! Looking SWEET! Can't wait for final!

I will be approaching Patrons to playtest with me and will make the game accessible to members as well methinks for playtesting. The game will provide all minis and maps needed. The minis will be in color, the maps will be B&W. That way everything is printable. The maps will fit as Letter size areas, whether single or in sections. This makes the game very easy to setup whether online or at the table. The players are playing missionaries and each mission last but a night. The roleplaying and goals are very Christian! Yet also very Dark Ages and grim! I'm into the Old Testament style raucous adventure... though beautiful heroic conversions and salvations are possible. It is set in Northern Italy after the fall of Rome and the rise of the Church! Pagans, witchcraft, sorcery, barbarians, Huns, the cursed and abominable are everywhere! Did I forget to mention demons?

MORE STUFF: Rime of the Frostmaiden maps, tokens. Tomb of Annihilation maps, tokens Sadly... it looks like I may be starting up a Star Wars campaign... UGH! We'll see. Mulling this one. Time & energy!

My Curse of Strahd campaign did not come to fruition. It was started at a time when the family and I had time... but it seems both of us are now dispersed and spread too thin like butter on toast! Alas!


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