I should blog more?

Nearly done with my Kickstarter! Last map is hours away from being done. These maps are huge. Fun.

Once that's done, I will finish up the rest of the pdf info... Having the maps before my eyes really helps. Then I'll draw some fun paper/token minis for the encounters. I got a ton already but want to do more.

Once that's done I got a few things brewing. One is my very own roleplaying game. I really love the system, no bias here... :) Very simple and feels like an Old School Revival! And I say Revival cuz it's a Christian RPG. I'm setting it in a quasi 500AD Dark Ages Europe, in Northern Italy. So south is Rome and the budding Church, but northward are the Dark Forests of the Germanic Barbarians and the Franks, westward are the Visigoths and Gaul, eastward Ostrogoths, Huns, Slavs... each with their own forces of darkness and paganism that the missionaries must encounter, preach to, convert or die trying!