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Christian Roleplaying Game Beta Begins

Hello dear Patrons, members and subscribers!

I am beginning my reach to you all for play testers for my fun, simple 'old school revival' roleplaying game. It is a very simple system of about 9 pages of core rules. Uses cartoony tokens for players and encounters and a black and white printable modular system to set up scenes from villages to forests to marshes to catacombs to tombs!

My first call is to Patrons and then I'll expand to members. To playtest my system and also help me build the world around Luc de Lugano of Northern Italy and further out in all directions. It will be an amalgam of history, myth, lore and lots of creepy paganism as the early Church sends out missionaries to evangelize. Yes... you play the missionaries!

The Missionaries come across a forest altar where some brigands and a witch use sacrifices to draw in wolves.
The locals worship a dragon said to be lurking in these marshes! Will you go out? On boat???
Beastmen are terrorizing the locals, their lair is found! Now you must root them out!

Much of the pagan terror in the game is more exploitive in nature than real demonic activity. Scary beasts are drawn in and fed foul concoctions, the dragon in the marsh is a large crocodile, or the beastmen are savage men in furs and bones. However! We do believe in demonic activity, so pushing the boundary of possessions and witchcraft can still be a viable storytelling element. The content of the missions can be decided by the storyteller based on player maturity and comfort.

Also we'll be providing both levels of content, ones that are easily family friendly, adventurous and more like Scooby Doo, and others, while still family friendly may have elements of demonic possession, witchcraft and sacrifices that are a bit more scary.

If interested in playtesting or would just like a copy when it's ready feel free to email me! Thanks.


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