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Alfred 5 and more

Just want to let everyone know I'm working on Alfred 5! Very excited about it. Alfred & Loranna and the rest are 14-15 years old now. Amazing journey! To be a king, to have lordly knights and troll hunter warriors all swear allegiance. It's just amazing to write... no I feel like I'm transcribing it. I feel like I'm just listening and watching as it all unfolds.

And as you can probably already see via my @storytellingron tweets and instagram that I'm a Dungeon Master in Dungeons & Dragons and Game Master start up for Star Wars RPG. I guess... truly... I am a story teller at heart. It's how God made me, what I long for.

I used to be a CG animator and artist and always wanted to create my own vision of what the orcs and creatures looked like. That's why I started my paper minis. It's my afternoon fun yet work yet part of story telling thing. Onward!


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