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More stuff fer yee!

Hey Patrons and Members! I've finished m'Kickstarter Conquest of the Evermire! (well except the audio score, but the main campaign, pdfs, minis, tokens, & digital maps are all done! Phew!)

Thusly, I'm going to focus more on the site then on kickstarter and build build build.

And to kick off... check out the patron tokens page for a new page! If you happen to notice a big fire elemental, aka Maegera, he'll link you to the page of effects and elementals!

Also, in the Fantasy score area, I've added the first 3 tracks of the Conquest of Evermire score cuz I just love'em (extreme bias) and they're great for any swamp build up and battle! More stuff coming!!!

And yes! Soon I'm going to release "Fight For The Lord!" a Christian old school gritty RPG! Free to Members and Patrons who want to playtest and give me some gentle critiques or praises in humility! The PDF, b&w printable letter size maps and colored tokens of most all encounters and a bevy of player types will be provided!

Onward!!!! Have a happy weekend! StoryTellingRon


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