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  • This is the PDF version only.
  • 40 page pdf with complete rules to game master a Christian evangelist style role-playing game. It is rules lights and most rules are on a 2 page spread. All combat rules run across two pages. Creating characters is very simple with the only lists being the weapons and what damage they can do. Players can choose gear and place them in burden categories. 
  • Players can easily create their own hand written character sheets or you can print out the one in this rulebook. 
  • You will still need the d20 dice to play this game. d20 dice are avaiable on Amazon or most game stores. They must have the 20 sided die, d20... plus the d12, d10, d8, d6 and d4. There will also be a d00 or percentile die with 10, 20, 30 etc.. on each side, but that one is not needed.
  • This rulebook explains and has a basic chart to make villains and creatures. But the Creature Codex supplement is highly recommended.
  • There is also a Campaign book (coming soon) with a map of Lac de Lugano and adventures to evangelise and planet churches in the surrounding area.

For The Lord RPG The Dark Ages Rulebook PDF

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