Conquest of the Evermire Book 2: done, waiting on cover art.

Conquest of the Evermire Book 3: waiting to be edited.

Knight of the Dead Volume 4: editing, rewrites.

Alfred Volume 4: editing.

I publishing Evermire book 2 as soon as possible. Evermire book 3 and KOTD 4 could be published within weeks. Alfred 4 in a month or so. I hope!

Plan on starting Alfred 5, then Knight of the Dead 5.

I am writing the Conquest of the Evermire serial in tandem! It's my afternoon fun short story writing series.


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Alfred 5 nearly done

We are in final editing stage!!! My sister wrote this to the editor: I say this after reading each of his books, thinking he has used up all his creativity, but I truly believe this is his best book

May Update

Hey folks, hope you are doing well during these tough times. On a lighter note... I am nearly done writing Alfred 5!!! Harrowing! Very exciting. Yes I am doing lots of fun Dungeons and Dragons stuff,