Phew... so getting them all in order to publish! I... can't believe it... but due to delays and things, I've somehow got all three of my book series coming out at about the same time. WEIRD!!! I've published Evermire 3!! But haven't announced since I'm still "linking" all the features on Amazon. Bit hokey how that works. Oh well! Knight of the Dead 4 will be next! Then Alfred 4 within weeks methinks!


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Alfred 5 nearly done

We are in final editing stage!!! My sister wrote this to the editor: I say this after reading each of his books, thinking he has used up all his creativity, but I truly believe this is his best book

May Update

Hey folks, hope you are doing well during these tough times. On a lighter note... I am nearly done writing Alfred 5!!! Harrowing! Very exciting. Yes I am doing lots of fun Dungeons and Dragons stuff,