Petition for Election to Amend Bylaws


ARTICLE I  -  Section 3.

  • The AMA shall neither endorse nor fund any political cause or organization.


Section 1: Non-Discrimination Clauses

A. In the interest of equality, committees exercising governing power, or any other selection process, which is involved with the selection of magicians during auditions, selecting which members to join the AMA, or the hiring of any staff, shall always give everyone the same preferential treatment without favoring a particular race, gender, sexual identity or any other discriminatory criteria. 

B. The Media & Heritage Committee shall be responsible for the historical conservation of posters, paintings, artifacts & photos depicting and displaying magicians and their art within the Magic Castle. 

There shall be no process that utilizes race, gender or cultural sensitivity to sanitize or change the historical displays’ significance. Castle Knights, who give guided tours, should be informed of any cultural sensitivities with historical & educational explanations.

Any repairs, modifications or upgrades that mandate changes to historical displays must be reviewed and approved by the Media & Heritage Committee.

Any temporary, revolving displays do not need approval by Media & Heritage Committee.