A Christian Roleplaying Game

Liveplay Series

Dear Christian Distributor!

Would you like a fun show for your streaming service with a varied group of actors improvising and telling stories for hours upon hours of entertainment?

Where production and cost are very low?

Where any celebrities or public figures can jump in as guests?

Where the actors roleplay missionaries and adventurers?

In fellowship, they edify on evangelism, entertain and teach how to play a wholesome Christian roleplaying game. The game will be available for free to download.

The Trailer

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A fun liveplay show set in 6th Century Northern Italy, in the Dark Ages. It is during the retreat of Rome, invasion of barbarians and the early church well before the pre-Catholic Doctrine. The missionaries must go forth to plant churches in pagan lands. The setting is an amalgam of history, myth, legends and lore done in a confoundedly humorous way.

Note: This site & all videos are For Your Eyes Only.

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Starting the Adventure 9min

A Pit Up Ahead 11mins

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Actors playing and performing roleplaying games in secular culture are exploding on Twitch and Youtube. 

We can provide hours upon hours of fun mini-series with 3-5 actors and lots of different 'missions' and storylines. 

StoryTellingRon has been an experienced and paid game master for over 45 years. He has made dozens of various roleplaying games  and has play tested countless hours, understanding the role of game master and that of players and gameplay. 

We have accrued over a dozen actors and comedians willing to help create a fun show for families to watch and learn. They will go through harrowing missionary tales confronting pagan ideologies of old dark medieval Europe that are analogous to today's divisive culture. Yet it will be shrouded (wink wink) in comedic entertainment.

Please contact Ron@storytellingron.com for more info and a chance to give our children and families a fun show and game they can be part of, while learning The Way that we all should go. 

For The Lord Role Playing Game!!! 
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  • Cast based on actors' schedules

  • Includes game tutorials, actors learning

  • All actors are new to this game

  • No editing, in spirit of live play

Series 1, Ep1: Full Show: Ebie, Jerry, Matt

Series 1, Ep2: Ebie, Travis, Peter, Matthew

Short Clips: 

Series 1, Ep3: Ebie, Jerry, Matthew, Maria

Short Clips

Series 2, Ep1, Melinda, Alex, Robert

Series 2, Ep2: Melinda, Alex, Robert, Amber