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DM SESSION Backers! Let us venture forth!

Character Creation Parameters:

5th level, any race and class in the official D&D books.

75% total of maximum hit points plus Constitution bonus

1st lvl Ability scores: 17, 16, 15, 13, 11, 9 

Adjust with race & ability score improvement

Any basic equipment is fine. Please write it down and base it on character & weight.

Doing a background is optional OR you can just choose two additional skills to be proficient in. And I will not be having you exposit the character's backgrounds at beginning of session. You will roleplay any expository background info with each other in game. "Woe was m'life before... I fought in the tunnel wars of..."

Magical Items

Warrior Types

+1 weapon with one additional trait
Choose One:

  • +1d6 elemental damage (fire, cold, lightning, etc...)

  • +2 AC deflect against first attack each turn (melee)

  • +1 to initiative, 1 extra attack per combat (not turn)

  • Disengage bonus action

  • Another +1

  • If a crit, +1HD (on top of double damage)

  • Treats as two handed in one hand!

+1 armour with one additional trait

Choose One:

  • +1 to Dexterity Checks and Saves only 

  • +1 to Constitution Saves 

  • +1 to Strength Checks and Saves only 

  • +2d8 False Life per combat

  • Another +1

  • A +1 shield


Pick one hand held item

  • A wand (+1 to spell attacks)

  • A staff (+1 to spell DC)

  • A rod (A +1, 1d6 bludgeoning weapon, with +2AC deflect vs first attack per turn, magical)

Then pick 2 traits for it

  • Has a 1st level spell, can use 1/combat or per hour-ish (accessible spells only)

  • +1 magic resistance

  • Gives advantage to Concentration saves

  • Adds +1d4 lvls to spell recovery in a short rest

  • Has light effect, disengage bonus action

  • Increases 1 spell level to spell cast 1/combat

  • +2 to AC

Items for All

Pick 4, may choose item more than once

  • Healing Potion 4d8+4 + Con

  • Potion of Damage Resistance (lasts for 10min)

  • Potion of Breathing (1 hour, any condition)

  • Nuts of Restoration (lesser, including exhaustion)

  • Potion of Flying or Hovering, 10min, 50ft

  • Potion of Invisibility, 1 hour

  • Potion of Giant Str +3, 10min

  • Scroll 3 lvls of spells (casters only: 3-1st, 1st&2nd, or a 3rd)

  • Oil of Sharpness +2 to hit & damage, 2 uses, lasts 1/combat 

  • Poison, DC14, 2d8 damage, 6 uses (arrow or blade)

  • Potion of Shrinking or Enlarging, 10min

  • Dust of Fortitude, AC+2, 2 uses, 10min

Optional: My version of the fillable Character Sheet