A Clarion Call

A Call Out To Pastors, Ministers, Youth and Worship

We are seeking a few brave souls to delve into something verily unexpected. 
Role-playing the popular fantasy game Dungeons and Dragons! And letting the world see you do it! No experience required or wanted!

Why? To enter into the world and bring the message of the Gospel. The goal is to test, in a
 light-hearted way, how Christians deal with a very pagan-fantasy setting as a character AND as a player AND as a pastor! 
Dungeons and Dragons has been tied to many controversies since it's creation. It was created by Gary Gygax who has proclaimed Jesus Christ as his savior. But he hid that and avoided the media backlash for the rest of his life. 
The game has, like any game, institution, or form of entertainment, been absorbed by worldly ideologies. It is now used as a form of therapy and salvation for many who seek answers. 
This call to pastors, seminary students, is to gather a few brave men, to play the game and show Christians doing what they do. To view the many idols and entertainments created by the World, find the unknown one they all still seek, and reveal that to them.
Yes, it is an experiment. I would like it to be fun, engaging, entertaining, and also, to any who come upon it, revealing. Dungeons and Dragons is a prime mission field. It is filling evermore with unbelievers seeking social connection. I'd like a few pastors to give it a try and see if they can show a connection, an option, a reveal of the unknown.
If you are a pastor, please contact me, and consider this a study in, a practice, or potential mission field. 1 Full-time pastor is signed up for this. Mininum needed, 2 more!
Logistics: 3-hour online gaming session, once every 1 or 2 weeks. We agree on time slot.  3-6 pastors plus Storytellingron as the game master. I will not make the session public if anyone feels something in it should be edited out. Although... as a pastor, you should know better! ;) 
Images of some very popular online youtube streams.
I hope you DO NOT watch them. Because I actually prefer you being new to the game! Just as viewers may be new to Christianity, pastors, and pastors playing D&D!
Here is the video that got me to realize, what they were doing with D&D now. Turning a game, into a movement, a spiritual self-therapy movement.