A Clarion Call

Dear Christian actors!

StoryTellingRon is seeking a few brave souls to join a streaming roleplaying mini-series. There is an explosion of indie Youtube & TwitchTV roleplaying shows. All are Worldly, secular, pagan, woke in nature. There are no Christian RPG series out there. You do not require any roleplaying game experience whatsoever! I'm looking for actors with improv or desire to get some acting in.

"I don't know what to do!!!" said with bravado is perfect.

If we can make this highly entertaining, I'd love to shop this around to any Christian channels or streaming services. 

The setting is 6th Century Italy btw! Pre-Catholic Church, medieval Dark Ages... as missionaries you must go up into the Germanic pagan lands and convert! It is also family friendly and meant to be fun and entertaining with cartoony characters.
My goofy youtube channel. Not actors!
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UPDATE June 20: A dozen actors have joined so far! The process of scheduling availability is still tricky so I'm looking for a few more who'd like to try and fill a slot when available.
  • We schedule when 4 actors can do a 3 hour session.
  • A good internet connection, a good web or digital camera, a good microphone and headphones. 
  • A good space so you can focus and not be too interrupted by cute kids or rascally dogs.
  • I will provide links to Zoom and the online game we will use. It has minimal fun rules.
  • 2 monitors would be best, one for Zoom, one for the online game so you can see the map, tokens and digital dice.
  • Acting & reacting chops! :)
  • Think of it as 3 hours of acting practice and playing a fun game!
A popular actor based RPG series on Youtube.
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I'd love to see this as a legitimate channel and form of entertainment. It may be the only RPG accessible to Christian families. It may be the only RPG where Christians join together to act out an adventurous tale using roleplaying, fellowship and shining The Light! There are no lines to memorize, minimal background for characters and lots of fun banter! It also can be a place where we 'practice' evangelism and let families see the process as well? 

Anyone that helps with this will be part of the team. I have no idea yet how the business end of this will work, but any participant will know all transactions that occur, hopefully there will be some, and we can all decide on our business model. I'm open to whatever! I've just been doing this 40 years and love the Lord and want to do this for the Lord.

If interested please, please email me via the contact page here. Thank you Brothers & Sisters!