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A Clarion Call

Dear Christian actors!

StoryTellingRon is seeking a few brave souls to join a streaming roleplaying mini-series. There is an explosion of indie Youtube & TwitchTV roleplaying shows. There are no Christian RPG series out there. You do not require any roleplaying game experience whatsoever. I'm looking for actors with improv, the desire to get some acting in and another form of self promotion.

The setting is 6th Century Italy, Pre-Catholic Church, medieval Dark Ages. As missionaries you must go up into the Germanic pagan lands and evangelize. It is family friendly and meant to be fun and entertaining.

The Intro Video

  • We schedule when 4 actors can do a 2 hour session, consistently for a mini-series of 6 to 8 shows.
  • A good internet connection, a good web or digital camera, a good microphone and headphones. 
  • A good space so you can focus and not be too interrupted by kids or dogs.
  • I will provide links to Zoom and a weblink for the online game. 
  • 2 monitors would be best, one for Zoom, one for the online game so you can see the map, tokens and digital dice.
  • Think of it as 2 hours of improv and playing a fun game!
Several streaming services are interested and are waiting for me to submit a series.
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