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Alfred & the City Realm of Telehistine,

part 5


Part 4 in all of my books  series!

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Alfred The Boy King Series


Conquest of the Evermire

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Reviewsfor Alfred!

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Katrina, Coffee Doll Chronicles

The book leaves you with as many secrets as it answers and simply begs for a sequel. I am excited to see more from this author and continue my journey with Alfred and his friends, hopefully soon!

If I would describe this book in one word it would be Magical. Yes you read it right, Magical. This middle grade book is like a mixed of Harry Potter and Percy Jackson with a twist and a taste of Medieval. It was one of those fun and adventurous reads. 

This book was basically advertised as something similar to Harry Potter so immediately it caught my interest. It’s a brilliant middle-grade story and reminded me of Rick Riordan at times.



Ron was a computer animator by trade, working in Hollywood on games and cinematics for 20 years. He chose a life of homeschooling his daughters over work but managed to sneak time in to write stories. After reading Alfred to his 4 year old daughter, he began a publishing odyssey. Or maybe oddity! 


He also does medieval armoured combat, has chickens, a bunny, an annoyed dog, and oh yeah a wife and daughters. He lives in Hollywood CA... which is odd... and cool, at the same time.

God Bless and hope you enjoy Alfred's journey as much as Ron does writing the series. 




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