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June 23, 2021 NEW WORKSTATION!!!

Sorry been focused on this! 8 year old PC is now family PC, as I transfer work to new awesome station! Whoohoo! 32gb ram! 10gb graphics card, latest powerhouse CPU with 16core thingamajigs! Lots to up load soon!

June 12, 2021 Tomb of Annihilation patron stuff

  • Needles map! 80x50 huge

  • Bunch of jungly tokens

June 5, 2021 Tomb of Annihilation stuff

In Patron Area

  • A jungle river map, 80x43 huge!

  • 2 new scores!

May 28, 2021 - NEW STUFF!!

  • A tavern map

  • Tomb of Annihilation: Dinos of Chult More, paper mins

  • Curse of Strahd, forest road maps, tokens for beginning play

  • Kickstarter ends in a few days! Get some!

  • Patron menu is in order of what I'm working.

  • Audio to Curse of Strahd! 

  • Audio for Tomb of Annihilation, patron area



D&D and Star Wars RPG

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Ron was a computer animator by trade, working in Hollywood on games and cinematics for 20 years. He chose a life of homeschooling his daughters over work but managed to sneak time in to write stories. After reading Alfred to his 4 year old daughter, he began a publishing odyssey. Or maybe oddity! 


He also does medieval armoured combat, has a wee lil'fancy goldfish & koi pond, a barky dog, and oh yeah a wife and daughters. He lives in Hollywood CA... which is getting a bid dodgy these days... Arkansas? 

God Bless and hope you enjoy Alfred's journey as much as Ron does writing the series. 


To avoid any confusion, I am a Christian Creation Conservative Crazy for Christ dad dude doofus. I love my life. I play Dungeons & Dragons and am well aware of the Woke movement that it's creators & publishers and fans are shifting to, just like everything else. 
D&D has two facets... it's roleplaying game system and its story settings. I can use any game system to roleplay in, but am utilizing this one. It's fun, plays well, and is popular. In building my youtube channel I realized I wanted to appeal to the most folks I could. I also had my first kiddo memories with this system. Concerning my faith, there needs to be a place where, just as He rested, we rest too. I don't want politics or religious debate to permeate every asset of our lives to the point that we with different beliefs can not connect. We can argue all day, but need a break. Seeing how sports isn't giving that to us and yes its even in roleplaying games, I am going to try and keep it out. As long as I can.
While I do have a moral foundation concerning how I use D&D and what I'm comfortable with, I do the best to keep it fun, silly, entertaining and relaxing.

I do have a game session with senior pastors and Christians... so there is that. But also have sessions with some amazingly fun dedicated non-Christians (pretty sure). I hope to keep that going for a very long time. Just as Paul made tents for whomever, I work my story telling skills with some fun folks. 
Is it a mission field? Could it be? Why yes! But... that's another story... and it will be one where I don't impose it on everybody I come across. 
If you concerned about your child and Dungeons and Dragons, fantasy games, feel free to contact me. I'm available to explain it, walk through it with you. 




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